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Serving the Wyoming Valley & Beyond...

Located less than 100 miles from Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and New York City, Valley Wiping Cloth serves customers coast-to-coast with wholesale microfiber wipes and bulk wiping products. Valley Wiping Cloth is backed by one of the largest textile importers in the US with warehouse facilities in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Wholesale Wiping Products

Valley Wiping Cloth Co. started with wholesale wipers five decades ago. Today, we process millions of pounds of new and used t-shirt, terry, and apparel material to manufacture wiping rags and cleaning rags. All textiles are cut and inspected  by hand before being packaged for wholesale rag delivery.  Check out our performance wiper details to find the perfect wipers for your business, medical facility or educational institution by clicking here.

We have different non-woven solutions for you no matter what your needs are...see below!

New white and colored fabric collected  from mills  material left over from the apparel manufacturing process.

Washed apparel sorted into their respective materials.


Bulk Specialty wipers

This section contains information on Shop Towels, Cheesecloth, and Huck Absorbant wipers

Shop Towels

Pre-washed and folded in bundles of 50 using virgin yarn to appear full and vibrant.


Made with surgical grade yarns from China. We have these products manufactured at the same facility that produces surgical gauze.

Huck Absorbent

100% cotton 'Huck' weave towels feature a stong, lightweight, and low lint construction for use in operating rooms.

Wholesale Irregular & Opportunity Buys

Mills make mistakes, and when they do, their customers don't want to purchase the products. Valley Wiping Cloth has deep ties with global mills and can purchase these slight imperfections  for a fraction of the first quality value. We pass the savings on to you. 

Contain small imperfections that are often invisible to the eye. An extra stitch in the hem, a missing ground thread etc. They don't make the cut, so we make the deal.

These products may be perfectly sound when washed but don't pass inspection. They may be dirty, or smell 'off'. When washed by a laundry they spring back to life.

Occasionally  mills are stuck with cancelled orders from customers (e.g. over-ordering, or going out of business). These are first come first served opportunitites.

Shops aren't the only place our mats can be used!  Anywhere there is moisture or the possibility of slipping and falling, our mats are a very affordable way to reduce the risk to your customers and employees.

Shops aren't the only place our mats can be used!  Anywhere there is moisture or the possibility of slipping and falling, our mats are a very affordable way to reduce the risk to your customers and employees.

SureGRip® ABsorbent adhesive floor mats

You can now enhance your floor safety with the latest in sorbent floor mat technology that can help mitigate the risk of falls by slipping.  Falls from slips are the primary cause of lost work days, and account for over one million hospital visits each year - 12% of total falls. 

For people of ages 55 years and older, falls are both the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and the leading cause of occupational injury.  Oil-slicked floors, debris and dust near machinery and even loose or rippled mats and rugs can cause a slip and fall injury for anyone.

You need a mat with a "sure grip" that can stay in place regardless of foot traffic and rollovers by warehouse equipment sure as carts, hand trucks, and forklifts.

SureGrip® is an industry-leading absorbent mat that features a sticky backing that keeps these mats in place, yet allows for easy removal or replacement when necessary. 

The heavyweight universal sorbent material absorbs excess moisture, oil, grease, condensation, and spills. SureGrip® also provides effective barrier protection, stopping dust, dirt, and debris from entering offices or storefronts.

These versatile mats can easily be trimmed to fit neatly around counters, furniture, supports, racks and more, turning just about any surface that is walked on safer for everyone.

See how SureGrip® floor mats can make your business safer today!  Call toll-free 877-243-9150 or email today for your free quote!

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